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It's that time of year again; convention season!
Heading back to one of my favorite cities, I will be in Chicago at Anime Central (ACEN) again this year, with a selection of new posters, a bunch of old favorites, and of course crisp, new copies of my graphic novels LITTLE WHITE MOUSE, MOPED ARMY and B.P.M. All there for your purchasing pleasure!

The table space in Artist Alley is always highly competitive, so I will be sharing space this year with my dear and accommodating friends and, who have graciously allowed me some valuable real estate to sell my wares. Please stop by their table and show them some Artist Alley love by picking up their excellent books and prints!

Hope to see you there! It always makes me happy to meet Deviant Art followers!
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Always like to look back at the year and see what the highlights were. This was a productive year; lots of great freelance, helped a lot of people realize the visuals in their heads, and make it work as design and illustration. Got to work with an even more international cast of clients, from gaming companies to independent publishers to international musicians, all making me grow as an artist and designer. Also had a lot of opportunities to step into the limelight and get some recognition, which is never the point, but a nice acknowledgment of the effort one puts forth.

It was also a year of looking to decide what the next phase will be. A time to cull some old habits that need to go, and re-embrace things I still love to do. A time to see where I am, and where I need to go to keep moving forward.

This will take form in a bunch of ways, I assume. From diving head first into a new comic project for Cafe Digital Studios to advancing my relationship with new and diverse clients, 2014 will be a year where I am looking to work more for me, and attend to things I've let fall to a back burner. I'm still looking to work with new and interesting clients, but that will be done in concert with getting back to some basics I want to nourish.

We'll see how that plan works out. And of course, I'll be broadcasting the results here for all to see. Should be interesting...
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Hey All, 
I've had to go in and disable a bunch of the download functions on my more popular pieces, as I have found a rash of scumbags who are taking popular DeviantArt pieces and reselling them as items on eBay. I've spent parts of the last few days writing Cease and Desist notes to these boneheads, so I have to limit the amount of actual downloadable files I'm carrying here.

It's not anything new, to be certain, but it's still a bummer to see people who care so little for copyright and feel entitled to take what they like and resell it. Take the time to call these people out when you see them. It takes a few minutes, but they are counting on people doing nothing. Prove them wrong and make them do the right thing.
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It is my pleasure to announce that I will be joining Thomas Dolby on stage Sunday, November 3rd at the Royal Oak Music Theatre stop of his INVISIBLE LIGHTHOUSE tour for an after-film Q&A session, a la "Inside the Actor's Studio". We'll be talking about the collaborative work we've done on his album designs, the Floating City trans-media game, and the Invisible Lighthouse project, with a slide show of my work and images.

If you are able to come, I would love to see you in the audience for what promises to be an interesting night. The Q&A session will be taped and available on YouTube after the event. Tickets are still available for the performance at the Royal Oak website.
Wish me luck!
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Hey Deviant Artists and Watchers, I think you might dig this...
Jane Irwin (my talented and lovely wife) has just launched her Kickstarter campaign for the publication of her newest graphic novel, CLOCKWORK GAME. It's a massive historical fiction work chronicling the life of "The Turk", a mechanical marvel that played chess against the best players in the world and confounded audiences for nearly 80 years as to how a machine could accomplish this astounding feat. Jane has done a ton of research work on this project, and worked for nearly 5 years to bring this story to life. And it looks terrific!

Now she's looking to you to help bring this epic work to publication. Follow the link below to find her newly started Kickstarter campaign page, watch the video, and help support this amazing project. I'm proud of her work on this book, and I think you'll agree it's a major step up in Jane's storytelling and artwork abilities, and a story that will amaze and engage comics fans and first time readers alike.
Enjoy your first look at CLOCKWORK GAME! It's your move. And please; pass the word to friends and fans you know who may like this as well. Thanks for your time!…
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Hey Deviants!
I will be in Artists Alley at the most powerful anime/manga con in the MidWest; ANIME CENTRAL (ACEN) on May 17-19!
I'll have a ton of my graphic novels at great prices, limited editions of many of my poster designs that you see here, and I'll be doing con sketch commissions if you're feeling brave and have some dough to spare!

Stop by my table and say hello! I love meeting people at cons, and I'll be easy to find. Just look for the big bald guy, probably wearing a Utilikilt and drawing comics.

For more info about the convention times, pricing and location, check here:
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In the past months, I've gotten more and more requests for commissions from a variety of people here on DeviantArt, which is great. Up to this point, I have not officially declared an open call for submissions, although I have been open to taking them.

I am now officially open for work via DeviantArt.
Any of the styles of work you've seen here on DeviantArt are fair game; posters, character shots, caricatures, logos, design.
I will not be posting a set price list, as the range of what I do encompasses a wide set of work and techniques. But I will be happy to provide you with a quote for my services via email.

If you are interested in having me do work for you, please contact me via email at
Please introduce yourself and give me a brief description of what you are looking for. We can go from there. Do not contact me via DeviantArt messages; all of my professional work contact takes place via email only. If you do message me via DeviantArt, I will request you to also send me an email with the same info. It just helps me keep in faster and better contact with you.

I will also post journal updates if I get to a point where I am not able to take any new work until current work is completed.

Here's my short list of requirements:

At this point, I am interested in only working with characters that you personally own the copyright to. While I enjoy drawing characters from Marvel and DC, I cannot sell images of those characters, as they do not belong to me.

I am only interested in doing work that is essentially "Safe for Work". I'm cool with Good Girl/Good Guy styles and alluring/sexy poses, but no outright nudity or sexual situations of any kind. Period. I will also do no work that outright condones hateful or racist themes or ideas. (For those of you who have found me via my popular "Kick Their Axis" poster, you will also note that poster is strongly ANTI-Nazi.) Requests for either of these themes will be politely refused.

If I do work for you that you pay for, the rights of the work belong to you to display and use as you want, with the caveat that I am able to show the work as part of my portfolios here on DeviantArt and through my website, and that you credit the work as having been done by me.
The only people who have any rights to the work are you and me, so that others can't use a portion of a drawing I do for you to make a frat party poster, for instance. This isn't work under the Creative Commons license, it's work that you have paid for, so that allows us to have rights to maintain that work.
If at some point you want to use my work in another way than originally intended (say a poster I design for you to become a book cover), please contact me and let's figure out the best way to do that, especially if it requires any adjustment in size and format. I want the work I do for you to look its best, so please let me know and I can help you make it work.

If you are interested in getting a quote from me, please send me an email directly at, so that I can properly track and respond to your requests. I check my messages here, but not as quickly as I do my email, which is on 24/7. It also help me keep track and archive our correspondences for my records.

Thanks much, looking forward to hearing from some of you!
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I wrote this yesterday to a young artist who was worried about measuring up at the Whitechapel art forums, and it sounded like I kind of knew what I was talking about, so I thought I'd share it here:

"Overall, it goes back to one of Warren's old mainstays for here; "There is no crying in Whitechapel", which means just bring your best stuff, be honest and committed to it, and don't whine.

All of us have felt "outclassed" by something here, and complaining about it gets boring, so better to put your energy into getting your game up to the level you wish it to be. It took me a few years to really hit a level I felt I could even feel good about here with the possibility of someone like Mike Weiringo showing up and owning the entire thread.

The "No piss-takes" rule is also in the same vein; we're all here to see good stuff, so bringing something that is obviously half-assed or was slapped together with little thought is a piss-take, and it wastes both our (the viewers) and your time. Again, better your time is spent on a good piece of art or getting better for your next entry. I literally used this place as boot camp, knowing that I could do comics and art, but needing a drill instructor to say "Okay, now 20 more, soldier!"

Looking back, some of my first REMAKE pieces were utter crap. But I kept coming back, kept getting schooled by some really good artists, and eventually I started making stuff that I knew was my best work (not the best in the thread, but best for me) and it was a great kick in the ass. I had been deafened by the echo chamber that some online art communities can become (OH, YOU'RE AWESOME LOL) and now had to deal with the open, stony silence that can be a forum like this, where people of incredible taste actually have an informed opinion, and give praise when deserved. Sure, there is good natured barbing and hassle, but the end goal was the same: show me something that excites my eyes and brain. Warren demanded it, I know Si demands it, and it's something we should all demand of ourselves, be it here in the REMAKE thread, or a photo thread, a story thread, fiction thread, wherever. This place keeps me coming back because I feel I have to bring my good game, art and brain-wise, and keeps me sharp and frosty and constantly challenging myself.

I don't know that I'll "hit" every time (and I'll save you the suspense; I will fuck up PLENTY), but I will keep getting better, because it feels really good to keep getting better, and I love seeing people here evolve into amazing artists, storytellers or whatever. This board loves new blood, so put on some big person pants and join in the drill. You obviously are interested, so give yourself some time to find your footing and really show what your best work is. You'll (and we'll) know when it happens.

Whatever age it happens, learning the reason you do art (or any creative thing) is paramount. If it's for money, for fame, for revenge, all good, but it needs to be your reason and make sense to you. I've found only dead ends when I've attempted to manufacture reasons to continue to improve as an artist. Simple baseline is; you've just got to want it, and be willing to find ways to keep wanting it. But you've also got to be willing to risk it a bit, to put it out there and let it be exposed to the elements and be strengthened by that exposure. THAT is one of the harder things a young artist has to learn; self confidence, and where to keep finding it. Self confidence doesn't come from unending praise, it comes from earned praise."

...and scene.
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OK, after nearly 2 years of working with the guy trans-continentally, via Skype, email, video chats, phone, YouSendIt, DropBox, texting, and every other way of communication that doesn't include actually being face to face, in Chicago, October 7th, it finally happened.

Short version: Dolby is a great guy. Great to work for, nice guy, wicked smart, funny, and very very gracious. He gave me a shout out at his lecture/mini-concert at Martyrs' in Chicago, and we went out after the show and had dinner. It was so bizarre in some ways, given what a huge fan I am of him, and yet we've talked nearly every day in some form for the last 20 months, so it was more like a personal meeting more than anything else, which made it all the more cool.
AND I finally got to actually see the physical CDs that I've been designing for the past 3 months.
The album is out in the UK on October 24, and October 25 in the States. I may be biased, but it's REALLY good.

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Oh man, not THIS poster again...

Wed Oct 5, 2011, 5:58 PM
Well alrighty, I guess opening up Deviant Art and finding 670 messages waiting means something is afoot!
ANOTHER Daily Deviation; how did I get so lucky? And with an older piece as well. "Kick Their Axis!" Man, I wish everything I did so fast and without thinking too hard paid off so well. : )

While you're here, take a look through my gallery; might find something else you dig.

Thank you all SO much for all the responses, and extra special thanks to Zandog/Alex Gillis for the nomination.
And remember; keep communicating and keep ideas and minds open. It's better for all of us.

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Perhaps I'm a bit biased on this one, but I don't think so.... : )

Jane Irwin's CLOCKWORK GAME is activated again, and is now into all new page posts. This amazingly well researched and loving story of the "life" of the Turk, the chess playing automaton, is told from the views of its various owners. More than clockwork geekery, Jane's story delves into the relationship and lives of the people who created the legend of this machine, and had to live with its fame and infamy. Her story is full of details on the circumstances of the automaton's life, but also telling how its mere presence impacted all manner of scientist, thinker and common person.

For those of you who know Jane's work through her VOGELEIN books, you'll be very surprised to see the quantum leap up on the art and writing on this one. Amazing line work and cross-hatching will bowl you over. And Jane's attention to details is where this story really excels, on the art AND contextual storytelling levels. Certainly deserving of a wide and appreciative comic audience who likes their comics thick with talent and story.

You can also check out Jane's work here on Deviant Art:

Paul S. Sizer... the "S" stands for "Quality"!
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Nearly a year in the making, Thomas Dolby's "Floating City" online game launches today!

This has been a big one; I've been involved from the very beginning, working closely with Thomas on developing the look and design of this game, working with an international crack team of incredibly dedicated tech, coding, writing and project management geniuses to take my designs and make them actually work and function. It's been a thrill to work with such a smart and savvy team on this project.
And now it's out there for the world to play and explore.

Concept-wise, this is a really cool idea from Thomas; have a game that people can play, meet other Dolby fans from around the Earth, learn about his previous music, and hear bits of his new music. It's a little post-apocalyptic, a little steampunk, a little "Mad Max", and 100% geek-tastic! As deep and complex as Thomas' songs are, this game is exactly the same. And it's a game that rewards you for being smart, inquisitive, and willing to solve problems and think ahead!

This game launched yesterday, Wednesday, June 22, at 6pm GMT, and will play out for the next 2-3 months, finishing up with the release of his new album "A Map of the Floating City" in late summer/early fall. And the prize at the end of the game? Well, I'm sworn to secrecy on this one, but I can say "Wow. Just Wow." Dolby fans and new fans alike are gonna really dig this. If you have the time, please check it out and sign up to play.

Paul S. Sizer... the "S" stands for "Quality"!
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ACEN: Awesome Once Again!

Mon May 23, 2011, 7:53 PM
I'm back; another great year at ACEN! Record crowds, good sales and the fans are the best!

Biggest sellers for me were all my REMAKE/REMODEL posters. The "Kick Their Axis" and "Science Builds The Future" posters went first, but the remade female Doctor Who and Steampunk Batman were also close behind.

Lots of great cosplay at the con this year also; here's some of what I saw from my table.

Thanks to all who stopped by the table, I had a blast!

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Wed May 18, 2011, 8:41 AM
Hey all,
With other design and comic work demanding my time lately, and being between new books, I've scaled back my convention tours quite a bit this year. But one convention is always a definite: ANIME CENTRAL in CHICAGO! May 20-22! 2011!

I love this show, and always come with as much cool stuff as I can! This year, I have a huge assortment of nice big high quality 11" x 17" posters of a lot of my REMAKE/REMODEL images and posters that I've been doing for the Warren Ellis WHITECHAPEL forums.

So stop by my table in Artist Alley (listed under CAFE DIGITAL STUDIOS) and check things out. Of course, I'll have plenty of LITTLE WHITE MOUSE, MOPED ARMY and B.P.M. graphic novels for sale, and I'll also be doing commission work if you feel like a personalized drawing from me.

Hope to see you there! More info on the convention, schedules etc. here:

Paul S. Sizer... the "S" stands for "Quality"!
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Sat Apr 23, 2011, 6:50 PM
Hey, decided to move into the 21st century and re-design my main website. My smart, talented and lovely wife did all the code/tech stuff.
Check it out and see what you think.

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Hey, my good friends at Green Brain Comics in Dearborn, Michigan are hosting an art exhibit featuring my best REMAKE/REMODEL art from these forums. It's all framed and fancy and to put the cherry on top, I will be hosting the Opening Night of the show! And if that's not enough, The world famous Green Brain monthly Comic Jam is taking place the same night!

If you're local and able, stop on by and check it out!

GREEN BRAIN COMICS (Just awarded AGAIN "Best Comic Store in Detroit", and deservedly so!)


Paul S. Sizer... the "S" stands for "Quality"!
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LITTLE WHITE MOUSE needs your help!

Sun Nov 14, 2010, 7:15 PM

Hey, Paul Sizer here, with a request for some assistance from all my watchers on DeviantArt.

My LITTLE WHITE MOUSE series was the first comic series I created solo, and in 2006 I gathered all the issues into a 448 page Omnibus Edition under my own Cafe Digital imprint. I was lucky enough to get it carried by Diamond Distribution, and it's been available for sale ever since.

Last month, my service rep at Diamond offered to re-solicit the LITTLE WHITE MOUSE Omnibus Edition to the direct market, to try and generate some more interest in the book and get it back in the eyes of new fans that have discovered my work in the last few years. Understandably, Diamond wants to see the book do some decent order numbers, and based on that, they will agree to also re-solicit my other books (MOPED ARMY and B.P.M.) in upcoming months.

So, here's the favor I'm asking; if it's within your means, and you like my work, it would be an incredible help for my self-publishing venture to have you place an order for my LITTLE WHITE MOUSE Omnibus Edition through your local comic shop. Ordering through your local store ensures that Diamond sees the numbers come directly from the Direct Market, as opposed to coming through Amazon, etc.

If you bring these numbers into your local store, they can use those codes to order the book immediately. It's an all ages book, so with the holidays coming up, its a great gift for the young (or older) comic reader on your lists!

I'm not asking you to order sight unseen either; you can actually sample the book in its entirety online at WebComics Nation.

Here's a brief synopsis of the series from my website:
“In deep space, a young girl’s survival will depend upon the strength of her heart.”
Ten years ago, comic readers met Loo, a 16-year-old girl stranded on an automated satellite in deep space. Her story of coming-of-age in a harsh and unyielding environment became a fan-favorite book around the world. Now, the entire critically-acclaimed LITTLE WHITE MOUSE series is collected into this 448 page “Omnibus Edition”, including a new 4 page framing story "prequel" by series creator PAUL SIZER, and artistic contributions from artistic legends such as GEOF DARROW (Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot), DAVE JOHNSON (100 Bullets), LADRONN (Hip Flask), CHRIS SPROUSE (Tom Strong), JEFF MOY AND W.C. CARANI (Legion of Super Heroes), MARK CRILLEY (Akiko), MARK PAULIK (Chumba webcomic), MATT FEAZELL (Cynicalman), KARL ALTSTAETTER (Deity), JANE IRWIN (Vogelein), PAM BLISS (Paradise Valley Comics), and many others, this is the definitve collection for long-time fans and first time readers.

Thanks much for your help in advance. I know the economy is hard for everyone, but the community and support that exists on DeviantArt has emboldened me to make this request to you all.
Much appreciated,

Paul S. Sizer... the "S" stands for "Quality"!
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24 PROJECT 2010

Sun Oct 3, 2010, 9:28 PM
OK, so today is 24 HOUR COMICS DAY, where comic artists all over the world attempt to make 24 pages of comics in a 24 hour period. It's an endurance test, but it also produces some really cool stuff.

Well, I'm not attempting to do that EXACTLY, but I did want to challenge myself this weekend, so I decided to make my own 24 PROJECT, where I would attempt to produce 24 brand new pieces of digital art over a span of 24 hours this weekend (12 hours Saturday, 12 hours Sunday).

At the time of this writing, I've got 7 of my first 12 done and posted, so I feel pretty good so far. All over the place style wise, but includes design, comic art, and everything in-between. Stop by my gallery and see how well I'm doing, or how spectacularly I am failing.

UPDATE: Well, my brain, eyes and arm finally gave out after 20 pieces, so I guess I fell just short of my lofty goal, but I'm happy with all the pieces I did squeak out in the 24 hours. Felt good to just go full tilt boogie and push my limits for how much work I could jam out if I needed to. Now I'm going to take a long shower and collapse into bed.
Thanks to all who watched and commented!

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Quiet busy summer

Mon Aug 2, 2010, 1:28 PM
It's been a quiet and busy summer for me; doing lots of work generated during the winter and spring that has extended into the summer months. Also taking the chance to re-charge the creative batteries, as summer winds down and people get back to business in the fall. I've got lots of exciting things in the hopper, and will share art from the projects I'm working on as I am able.

So just to recap: NOT DEAD, just working.

Paul S. Sizer... the "S" stands for "Quality"!
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ACEN 2010...WOW...AGAIN!

Mon May 17, 2010, 6:49 PM
I spent this last weekend exhibiting at Anime Central (ACEN) and once more came back more invigorated about making comics than I've been in months.
Here's why...

Yes, part of what makes the fans at an anime convention enthusiastic is equal parts sugar and hormones, but damn if it isn't infectious. People who came to my table were excited to be there, but also desiring to be on the other side of the table some day, selling their own work, not just consuming, but wanting to create their own stuff. Of course I got a few "So, what do I need to do to work on NARUTO one day?" questions, but those were greatly overshadowed by the "How do I start doing my own stuff?" questions.

I made some serious bank at this con, more than at all the other conventions I exhibited at all last year (less last year's ACEN). Why? Because I met fearless fans who either (A) bought one of my books last year and came back for the rest, or (B) just decided to pick up something they liked the look of, even something that was fringe at this kind of convention. I did a ton of commissions the first day from fans making snap decisions that they wanted me to do something for them. And at comic conventions, I still get the "Oh, I don't read black and white books" as an excuse. Really, that's the best you've got?
The fans at these anime conventions are willing to take a chance, and even in these crap economic times, willing to put some money on the table.

Seems weird to have to bring this out as a remarkable point, but man, I love doing a convention that has some ethnic/age/sexual orientation diversity to it!
It just makes things stronger for all, and makes me realize how narrow-cast the mainstream comic market can become. And to see an environment where kids where teens can safely fly their freak flag in any direction they wish while surrounded by people and things that they love is really awesome to witness.
And not just teens, but adults, male/female and all points in between. It's all good.
I saw a marked increase in cross-dressing cosplay this year, and man, they BROUGHT IT WELL AND HARD. Great to see, on many levels.

Again, I walked away from this convention fired up to make stories, complete the stories I have in progress and just do, do, DO! Having to tell all those young artists that they need to work hard reflected nicely back on me, and reminded me to take that same advice. It also made me what to encourage others to demand this level of energy at the mainstream cons they go to. The programming, panels, Hell, one of the staff actually came around to offer me a hand made chocolate that was exquisite! Cheaper tables for artists! They close the vendor area a half hour before the Artist Alley area, to force fans to blow more money on art! This is a con that values the creators, and it's made this convention grow and grow over the years. I am back next year, no question, with new product. Period.

Thanks to the nice DeviantArt locals who stopped by to say hello and buy stuff. You made a kilted man's day!
You can check out my FLICKR set of photos here!

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