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Believe - Supergirl by KerrithJohnson

This entire poster series is really well designed and thought out. This poster in particular show the strengths in the design; nice open composition, clean and clear type, and nice clean use of the vector based imagery. Your color palette is also nice; the vector shapes helped you keep things simple and iconic, while putting a nice restraint on the coloring. The nice deco-ish style feel in the poster is simple but nicely done.

My only two crits would be:
1. Watch out for a few of the tangents the forms make, and take a look at any point where two angles come together. It's not a big problem here, but it does draw the eye to it, and it's simple to fix.

2. I would also make the URL link info smaller; I'm not against tagging a digital image so that as it gets shared around the web people can find you, but if you are building this as a series, why not design that element into the poster, rather than having it dropped along the side?

Great work, and great style. Kudos on the exposure you are getting for it!
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