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September 24, 2009
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REMAKE: SkyWolf by PaulSizer REMAKE: SkyWolf by PaulSizer
A new REMAKE/REMODEL from Warren Ellis' WHITECHAPEL boards. Here's the description:

"As Skywolf, Larry Wolfe wore a white wolf pelt into battle and headed a three-man flier team. Members of the team include Cocky Roche, who was a cockney, and the Judge, an old Englishman turned down by the R.A.F. because of his age. The last member was "The Turtle," A Polish mute whose tongue was cut out by Germans and who communicated by tapping on his own head in Morse Code. The group flew special planes that split in half to become separate vehicles. In fact, Skywolf and his team were such an effective group of Nazi fighters that Adolf Hitler himself was desperate to get rid of them to the point of actually participating in a plan to capture them. Skywolf teamed up with Airboy and battled the monstrous Heap during the course of his adventures."

Had to do a very quick one this week, so I just went with my two strong suits; making the characters female, and including Hitler in some way getting his ass kicked. But I also wanted to be more "cutesie" this time, so here's the concept all ready to premiere on NickToons!
Left to right, the characters are: Grandma Judge, Cocky Doodle Doo, Quiet Turtle, Mr. Spitfire, Little Hitler, and Lil' SkyWolf.
MIDNIGHTsong Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2009
Whoohoo! Seeing a giant robot-plane thing beating up Hitler does my heart good. XD Great job as always.
PaulSizer Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Robot planes do indeed rule!
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