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January 3, 2011
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REMAKE: Kubrick's IRON MAN by PaulSizer REMAKE: Kubrick's IRON MAN by PaulSizer
The first REMAKE challenge of 2011 from Warren Ellis' WHITECHAPEL forums. Here's all we got:

"You must design a poster for a movie called IRON MAN directed by Stanley Kubrick. This is all you know."

This was really hard, because Kubrick's thematic style is so dense and varied; it was hard for me as an un-film-schooled dork to really grab something out to really exploit, other than visuals.

So I decided to mimic the design of one of his more unique films, CLOCKWORK ORANGE. I re-drew the title's letterforms from the original poster's type, but because I didn't have the time or desire to re-draft all the letterforms to spell out his name, I just used one of the ugliest type fonts in the world; GILL SANS ULTRA BOLD.

Gill Sans is a fine font, but the Ultra Bold version of the font is one of the worst and most inept cuts of the font. Gill Sans was never designed to be that ultra bolded, and this ultra-bolding just destroys the typeface in this version. There, enough of my type nerd ranting.
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Forensics-guy95 Nov 4, 2013
I know your probably sick of me bombarding your page with favorites but your work is just that awesome! lol
PaulSizer Nov 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Oh yeah, I'm sick of praise and nice things being said about me. You complete bastard, how dare you! ; ) Thanks!
Forensics-guy95 Nov 5, 2013
lol No problem
man I gotta stay outta ur gallery....WOW!! love ur work!!
PaulSizer Aug 14, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Please feel free to hang out here as much as you like! And thanks!
Player-Designer Jan 20, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Well done!
soo cool.
Design: excellent Illustration: not as effective. you could have used the same style as the original 'Orange' poster, including the weak airbrushing that they used. Yes, i recall the poster well enough that I know that the airbrushing was 'flat'. Oddly, the simple graphics programs tend to make stuff look the same style as simple airbrushing- history repeats itself, even art history!!! By the way, i am a big Kubrick fan, and my mission statement is to become the 'Stanley Kubrick of oil painting'. It has also struck me that with all of the stuff Kubrick did, he ducked the comics and influences completely- why, I will never know. True Fact, and something that you may not know- the closest ever, was a version of 2001, done by Jack Kirby
PaulSizer Sep 12, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Wow, thanks for all the input. Yeah, I wish I could have better gotten the feel of the original airbrushing, but I was a bit pressed for time on this one and had to go with what I knew I could hit. Great to get all those tidbits of trivia, fun to know!
yeah, my brain is like this attic full of old junk- glad you took it the right way. You can do me the favor- and critique my stuff
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