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REMAKE: 2000AD Modern by PaulSizer REMAKE: 2000AD Modern by PaulSizer
Second week of Ellis' modified REMAKE/REMODEL threads, re-imagining classic comic publication covers. This week it's the classic 2000 AD comic magazine from the UK, which gave us heroes such as Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog and many others.
Here's this week's briefing:

"You are an artist/designer. You have to put together the cover for the first issue of a weekly science-fiction anthology comic called 2000AD.

You don't know much about what's in it. You've been given the following pieces of information to include on the cover somehow:

"featuring the new DAN DARE"

"M.A.C.H. 1 - his incredible hyperpower will amaze you!"



Without the "", obviously. Your choice as to how you use these -- whether you relegate them all to text at the bottom, or choose one to illustrate, or whatever.

The cover must include a logo and the numbering, which you've been told is not the usual "issue one," but "Programme 1."

And that's it.

It's up to you what kind of company you're at. What kind of comics you make. What era you're in. Who you are, even. Go nuts with it.

(Obviously, there was a time when 2000 AD was The Future. So, you tell me. Is this a retro-sf comic? Or are you in the late 19th century and publishing it on punch cards? Is it the Seventies and are you Roger Dean? Or Jamie Reid?)

It sort of mirrors the truth of 2000AD Prog 1, which was that it didn't strictly speaking have a cover illustration, as a massive frisbee was mounted on the front cover as a free gift."

For this one, I decided to act as purely a typographic artist/designer getting the assignment. In that capacity, I would use the artwork from the artists contributing to the stories in the book, hence the illustration of Dan Dare is NOT drawn by me.

Dan Dare is his respective creators.
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citybuilder Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011
JenJenRobot Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010
Great work! Especially the typography and the colour scheme.
PaulSizer Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks, I had a ball with this one.
camedeos Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2010
Love the layout and typography. Awesome color combination as well!!
RichardTheRough Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Very good poster Mr. Paul.

Like a lot this typo verion, also the other one is a very good piece.

This thing of the Ellis threads is open to everybody or it's a commission, a contest or something?
PaulSizer Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Anyone can sign up to be a member of the Whitechapel forums (Warren Ellis' forums), and the competition is free and open to everyone who's a member.
There's rules for the forums (mostly just common internet "don't be a dick" rules), plus rules against posting intellectual properties and original fiction, as Ellis is a writer and this puts him in a legally binding position.

Feel free to check it out: [link]
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March 10, 2010
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